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Chris Matthews Calls Ted Cruz a “Political Terrorist”


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It seems that Chris Matthews never tires of the taste of “foot-in-mouth”:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called Texas Sen. Ted Cruz a “political terrorist” on Wednesday after the tea-party favorite called on fellow Republicans to defund Obamacare and said that a government shutdown wouldn’t necessarily spell disaster for Republicans.

“I believe it’s terrorism: This is the first time I’ve seen a political party, or even a fraction of it, say that their number one goal is to shutdown the American government, kill a bill that’s already been passed by congress, and refuse to pay bills already run up by congress in an attempt to basically risk default,” Matthews said on MSNBC’s Hardball. “This is an attempt to destroy all we know of the republican form of government in this country.”

Political Terrorist? Since when does doing your Constitutional duty by trying to stop a jobs and freedom killing bill, make you a political terrorist? Bill Ayers was a political terrorist, he bombed the Pentagon and has never felt any remorse for it; how does trying to kill a bill that was rammed through against the will of the people, equal the same classification as a bombing of the Pentagon? It clearly doesn’t; this is just another clear example of the left blowing up issues (pun intended) to make the Constitutionalist side look dangerous.

So lets quickly address Matthews’ claims; First, Ted Cruz does not have a “number one goal” of shutting down the government, his number one goal is to restore constitutionally protected freedom to the people, in this case by defunding what is possibly the worst bill (not to mention trainwreck) in history. If this involves a temporary shutdown of the government, then so be it. Matthews seems to forget that the government has been shut down before, and that it wasn’t the dangerous catastrophe people claim it was.

Second, who cares that the bill has been passed already? Matthews acts as if congress does not have the power to defund bills that have already been passed. In fact, defunding is a great, constitutional tool in fighting bad bills that were forced through despite the protests of the people.

Finally, as to Matthews’ accusation of Cruz wanting the government to not pay its bills and risk default; um, hello? Has he not met the Democrat Party? All the Democrat Party does is spend like there is no tomorrow, and when faced with the bills, simply put the Country deeper into dept in order to avoid default, which frankly, is just as bad. Putting a nation deeper into debt to avoid defaulting on their debt in the definition of insanity. Ted Cruz on the other hand is one of the biggest advocates of fiscal responsibility, reigning in our national debt, and paying off the bills we owe.

For Matthews to claim that “This is an attempt to destroy all we know of the republican form of government in this country” is the most asinine thing he could have said. Everything Ted Cruz is doing is doing is actually an effort to protect Republican government! If Chris Matthews actually knew anything about Republican government, he’d realize that the government never had the power to pass Obamacare in the first place, and thus, the only correct thing to do in a Republican government is to defund this vast governmental abuse of power.  Shame on Chris Matthews.


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