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Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Defund Obamacare


Senator Cruz is certainly sticking to his campaign promises; the Washington Examiner explains:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, along with 17 other Senate Republicans, has introduced the Defund Obamacare Act of 2013, which would fully defund Obamacare, in the wake of the recent string of bad news surrounding the law.

“The Administration’s recent announcement to delay the onerous and unpopular employer mandate until after the 2014 election, coupled with its announcement to delay income and health status eligibility requirements in favor of an honor system for the most expensive entitlement for our generation, confirms what has been obvious from the start–this law is a colossal mistake,” Cruz said in a press release.

Not only is this a good idea in terms of policy, but it is also a very politically expedient move due to all the trouble Obamacare has been running into recently. Take for example Obamacare running out of money before it is even fully launched, or perhaps the fact that Unions are coming out against it (when they had previously supported it); or maybe ABC’s Political Director calling the law “a Slow-Motion Train Wreck”, or CBS referring to it as a “barely operational jalopy“, or Massachusetts of all places seeking a waiver to get out of  the obligation to the law. Couple all that with Dick Durbin saying the law needs to be changed, and a new poll from Rasmussen showing that nearly 50% of likely voters want their Governors to oppose it; Obama’s signature legislation looks to be in a very decrepit state.

But unfortunately, while Cruz and his colleagues are pursuing a virtuous and worthy bill  (and I commend them for doing so), I have very little faith in their ability to pass it at this time, given that they are in the Democrat/Harry Reid controlled Senate. So props to Senator Cruz for following through on his promises and acting in accord with the wishes of the American people; and in the hopes that I am wrong, here is a preemptive “better luck next time.”  But this is also a call to Conservatives, not only do we have to hold onto the House, but we need to focus our efforts on winning as many Senate seats as possible in 2014; if we do that, we will have a real chance at repealing what could possibly be the worst law in the history of this country.


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