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My name is Aaron. I’m a young Christian Conservative, former homeschooler from New York; and I am on a mission to educate the public on politics, history, and theology. I myself love to learn about these things and feel that I should share what I learn with the public, because to be honest, education in this country has been in decline for far too long.

I should probably say a little more about myself; I am an award winner in public speech and debate, having competed in the NCFCA from 2007-2009. I reached the National Championship in all three of those years, and in Birmingham, Alabama in 2008, I placed 61st in the nation with my debate partner Eric Cooper (

After High School I went to college and in 2013 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Nyack College with a BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE in Communications.

One more thing; when I write, whether it is on Politics, History, or Theology, I strive for the truth. I try to link back to my sources, and especially try to use “original sources” as much as possible to back up facts.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn a lot from it as well; my name is Aaron, and that’s the Bottom Line.

If you have any comments on this blog or its contents, email us at:

You can also visit the old site here as it has older articles that will not appear on this site.


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  1. njs says:

    We are a long way from following this, thoroughly and purposefully using it at random for personal solutions.
    “Thomas Jefferson and “Separation of Church and State”
    Good job here, may the only true God, Son and Holy Spirit continue to guide you.

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