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Teachers Union President has Laughable Theory on Armed Teachers


According to a Teachers Union President, arming teachers with guns will freak out students during class, but not for the reason you’d think:

Wow. Excuse me Madam President, but if students are afraid that their teacher is going to shoot them for getting a wrong answer, then perhaps that teacher shouldn’t be employed now should they? Lets be clear, unless there is a previous history of that teacher being violent in the wake of a wrong answer, then the student should have no fear of that teacher suddenly becoming violent now that they have a gun on them. And if there is a history of violence to worry about, then there is no reason that the teacher in question should be employed.

In reality, there is no need for students to be afraid of their teachers “packing”; and especially not for the reasons this Union President would have you believe. It is true that kids see gun violence in the media, but more often than not, the person pulling the gun out of anger is the villain, not the person who is charged with giving you an education. This is simply another attempt by the anti-gun left to demonize gun holders. Sadly, if they get their way, we are simply going to have more instances like Sandy Hook where the teacher doesn’t have the means to protect their students from one of the crazy villains who the kids actually DO see on TV.

But then again, maybe these kids will be scared of their teachers shooting them over a wrong answer; and maybe thats not such a bad thing. After all, if the kids are afraid of being shot over getting an answer wrong, wouldn’t that just incentivize them to study harder and learn the correct answer to avoid being shot?* Maybe, but thats probably just wishful thinking.

*(For Liberals who are Sarcasm-Impaired, the last paragraph was in fact, sarcastic in nature and should not be taken seriously.)   


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