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How Marriage Equality was Defeated

Twenty-Fifteen is the year that the homosexual movement finally got what they wanted in “marriage equality”; that is to say the legalization of gay marriage. One problem with this (out of many) is that in reality, marriage equality was not won with the Supreme Court decision, it was in fact defeated; for whether the homosexual lobby admits it or not, before the SCOTUS decision, marriage equality was already the status quo.

We must ask ourselves, what exactly IS marriage equality? Simply put, marriage equality is where both heterosexuals and homosexuals, gays and straights, are treated equally under the law in regards to marriage; and I must repeat, that under the previous status quo, this was already the case! I touched on this briefly in my article “On Church, State, and Marriage”, but we will go a bit more in depth here.

Before the Supreme Court decided to interject themselves into the debate, straights and gays were both equally treated under the law; for in the same way that I as a heterosexual could marry anyone of the opposite sex who would have me, a homosexual could just as easily have married anyone of the opposite sex who would have them.

Now the obvious retort to this fact would be: “But that gay guy wouldn’t be able to marry a man!” Well of course he wouldn’t, but then again neither would I; under the previous status quo, both straights and gays were legally allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex, and were both legally prohibited from marrying someone of the same sex. That is true marriage equality, because both sexual orientations were being treated equally under the law in regards to whom they could marry. Gay people may not like that this was the case, but under no circumstances were the being denied the same right to marry as straights were; what the gay lobby wanted is not marriage equality, but a redefinition of marriage to include their proclivities.

“But, cries the homosexual movement, ‘you are discriminating against me by preventing me from marrying the person I love; and everyone has the right to marry who they love!” Really? Because to be honest, if love is your main criterion for the right to marry, it’s a very weak criteria indeed. You see the logic behind legalization of gay marriage in order to end discrimination is a fallacy because if you simply end the redefinition there, you are in fact discriminating against other people. If we are to truly believe that everyone should be able to marry who they love, then based on that qualification, simply including gay marriage in the definition of marriage is discriminatory against those who are bisexual.

By definition, being bisexual means that you are sexually attracted to both men and women, both heterosexually and homosexually. Furthermore it is entirely possible to be in love with two people at once. By the logic of homosexual marriage, simply keeping marriage between two people (whether gay or straight) is discriminatory against bisexuals who should be able to marry two people at the same time if they wish, both male and female, because they are in love with both of them. The gay marriage logic further discriminates against those who practice polygamy and polyamory, as if you are a man who is in love with two or three women, you are being discriminated against by not being allowed to marry more than one of them.

Polyamorous couples on the other hand are being discriminated against marrying the people they love as well, as the law forbids a husband and a wife from sharing another husband or wife with each other. Again, if we hold love as the standard for the legal right to marry, then we are discriminating against 16 year olds (for example) who want to marry 20 year olds, or 30 year olds, or 50 year olds and so on and so forth. If a 16 year old can experience love, and who are we to say they can’t, then why should they be discriminated against by being legally prohibited from marrying the person that they love? The same can also be said for those who wish to practice marital love with animals, more commonly known as bestiality.

This is where the homosexual lobby will become indignant that you would compare pedophilia and bestiality to homosexuality; but we’re actually not. What we are arguing is that the legal precedent being set forth will help lead to these worse things happening down the road (though it must be noted that the Massachusetts Constitution, written by our Founders, lumps both homosexual relations and bestiality into the same unlawful category – crimes against nature).

The next argument gay activists use is that of consent, i.e. that right to marry should be based on love AND consent; and since neither children, teens, nor animals can give consent, there is no way they can possibly be married. The thing is they are right, children, teens, and animals cannot give their legal consent…YET. But history has shown us that the further you go down the path of immorality, the worse things get and the unthinkable happens. When immorality becomes accepted, culture and people’s perceptions change, and when the culture changes, the law soon follows. Those groups may not have a way to consent NOW, but the law will find a way to change to that.

Look at it this way: just sixty-five short years ago (1950), NO ONE actually believed that homosexuality would be accepted as normal, let alone be added into the definition of marriage. Sixty-five years ago includes the lifespan of both my father and grandfather, and back then people would have said “there is no way homosexuality is ever accepted as normal”, especially considering that at that time, PSAs viewed it as a mental disorder! Those who fall in the “it’s never going to happen” camp nearly always end up being wrong because they fail to look at history and the logical projection of where our choices will take us.

But back to the issue of consent, for it too is a weak argument; because under the logic of homosexual marriage, who are you to tell anyone what consent is or is not? If the dog does not pull away or try to bite you when you do unspeakable things to it, but rather enjoys it; if they themselves happily try to have relations with your leg, who are you to say they are not consenting? If a sixteen year old can feel true love, why can’t they consent to be married? If they are old enough to get a sex change without parental notification or approval, how are they not old enough to give their consent to marriage? Hey, there are even some fifteen year olds that are more mature, make better life choices, and can understand consent better that many thirty year olds! Who are you to tell them they are not old enough to consent?

Now let me be crystal clear here, I am NOT in any way arguing that 15 or 16 year olds should be allowed to marry, or even be in a sexual relationship with anyone for that matter; what I AM showing however is that under the logic of gay marriage, that love and consent should be the perquisites for marriage, the whole idea falls apart as you cannot prove either that you have any right to say that people of that age cannot consent, nor can you deny that, that being the case, you are discriminating against them.

But forget 15 and 16 year olds for a second; generally speaking one is considered an adult of legal and consenting age when they turn 18, which raises the question of the “magical transition.” The magical transition is my way of describing that strange and seemingly magical change that happens when one turns eighteen. You see, why is it that someone who is 18 is capable of understanding and practicing consent, but a seventeen year old who is five days away from turning 18 is not? Why must a 17 year old who is five days away from that magical age of 18 still have to get parental consent for marriage, when they would not need to if they waited five more days.

Do you know what the difference is between someone who is 17 years, 360 days old, and someone who is 18? Not much, and there is certainly zero quantifiable mental change that takes place the moment they turn eighteen that differentiates themselves from being 17 years old five days prior. For that matter, what’s the difference between a 17 year old who turns 18 tomorrow, and someone who is 18 right now? Again, essentially nothing; there is no magical change that takes place when someone turns eighteen, so once again, who are you to argue that the 17 year old in question is incapable of giving their consent to marriage? Under the logic of gay marriage, you really don’t have the right to make that claim.

Now again, I am NOT arguing that those who are younger than 18 should be able to forgo parental consent to be married, but what I AM saying is that there is no reason they should not be able to marry under the logic of the gay marriage construct; a prohibition on them doing it would in fact be discrimination.

You see, when you throw out established, tried, and true moral standards and then draw arbitrary lines, it is logical and inevitable that those lines will keep being pushed back farther and farther until there is nowhere left to push; and when there is nowhere left to push, moral anarchy takes its hold. The simple fact of the matter is that the legalization of gay marriage is not “marriage equality”, it is the undoing of marriage equality; it is a legal precedent that not only is logically inconsistent, but also sets the stage for future legalization of things that are currently considered disgusting, taboo and immoral.

We have already seen the start of the push to normalize pedophilia, polygamy, and polyamory, among other things, and it is this decision on gay marriage by SCOTUS that sets the legal precedent for these things to eventually be made legal. It may happen in my lifetime, it may not, but unless we change our course or the world ends, mark my words, it will happen, and it won’t be pretty.