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The Massachusetts Legislature and Bestiality



Massachusetts used to be a haven of Liberty, producing Founding Fathers such as John and Samuel Adams, and being a spark plug towards independence; but this once great state has become nothing more than a haven for Liberal policies and political correctness. Massachusetts has been on the fast track to destruction for quite awhile now, and their current State Legislature isn’t doing anything to solve the problem. You see, the Legislature of Massachusetts has recently been considering multiple bills that tear away at the moral fabric of their state.

Take for example bill H.1673, which is designed to “repeal certain statutes regarding, education and morality that may be considered unconstitutional.”(1) Sounds good right? Well, this bill includes the repeal of general laws that deal with among other things: Moral Education for Children (2), Adultery (3), Fornication (4), and Blasphemy (5). The last three are pretty self explanatory, but further investigation into the statute regarding moral education shows that it encourages the instruction of kids in virtues such as; piety, justice, sacred regard for truth, love of country and humanity, universal benevolence, sobriety, industry, frugality, chastity, moderation and temperance. What horrible things to teach kids huh?

But it gets worse; consider now bill H.1592, a measure that repeals “Section 34 of chapter 272 of the General Laws.”(6) Note that H.1673 also repeals section 34, but since H.1592 has the sole purpose of doing so, I felt it more prudent to deal with it separately. So what exactly is Chapter 272, Section 34 of the Massachusetts General Law? The text of the law reads:

“Section 34. Whoever commits the abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with a beast, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than twenty years.” (7)

It’s pretty obvious why Liberal Massachusetts wants to repeal this law, after all, they can’t have a law on the books that is anti-homosexuality (sodomy), that’s just crazy. But here is the big problem; not only is this law an anti-sodomy law, it is also a law that punishes Bestiality. So in the process of removing the punishment for sodomy, they also remove the punishment for having sex with an animal.

But if my research is correct, it gets much more disturbing; because according to the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries, it seems that the state of Massachusetts has only one law that punishes Bestiality, and it’s the one they are trying to repeal. (8) So essentially if this bill passes, Bestiality, that is, having sexual relations with an animal, will be legal or at least not punishable by law in the state of Massachusetts.

Do the legislators of Massachusetts even realize what they are doing? In their mad dash to remove morality and virtue from the laws of their state, they seem willing to take it to a new and unnatural level. Time will tell if these particular bills or others like them will be passed, but if the people of Massachusetts care about their state at all, they should be against these bills and should use their voice to let their elected officials know that these measures should be taken off the table. This is simply another classic example of why it is important to stay up to date on what the elected officials of your state are doing; because when they think you aren’t looking, that’s when they will strike away at the foundations that have made our States and our Country great.



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