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Bill De Blasio: The Worm of the Big Apple


When you find a worm inside an apple, what do you do? The answer is quite obvious; you throw away the apple because you know that the effects of the worm being inside it have ruined its integrity and purpose. Simply put, even though he has only been Mayor for a few days, Bill De Blasio is already proving himself to be the proverbial worm inside the Big Apple, New York City. 

Like the worm boring through the apple, De Blasio has already started to bore into the core of New York City, intent on changing, and destroying the City from within; from policy changes to staff appointments to broken campaign promises, Mayor De Blasio has already shown his hand; and over the next four years, it will only get worse.

Take for example the campaign promises that the Mayor has already broken; while De Blasio campaigned on transparency, he has already backed off and admitted he would not put up his City School Chancellor for public review:

“In what critics called a reversal of an important campaign promise, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio said Monday he will not subject his pick for city schools chancellor to a public vetting process.“We’re not going to have a beauty contest,” de Blasio told reporters after a meeting with state Assembly Democrats in lower Manhattan. “We’re not going to put the different finalists on display.” Critics said the statement contradicted promises de Blasio made during a campaign appearance Nov. 19, 2012, when he vowed to choose a chancellor with a “serious public screening” of potential picks for the job. “We need a chancellor who is presented to the public, not just forced down our throat,” de Blasio said at the time. (1)

Just like the perfect Progressive he is, De Blasio believes that the ends justify the means in order to get his agenda passed; when you run for office, tell people you will allow them to review your nominees, as long as you never plan to follow through once elected. Mr. Mayor is setting for himself a precedent that allows him to nominate/appoint with impunity, the most radical of people to influential positions within the city. His new School Chancellor, Carmen Farina, is the perfect example of this, as she openly admits that she will ingrain the progressive agenda, into the education system, and consequently, the children of New York City:

“…Farina, a former teacher and long-time adviser to de Blasio, shares the mayor’s desire to foist a “progressive agenda” upon NYC schools, she said at a news conference earlier this week. “This progressive agenda actually says we know there are things that need to happen, but they need to happen with people, not to people,” she said. That means liberal education goals — including an expansion of taxpayer-funded pre-K and elimination of merit-based pay for teachers — will definitely be a top priority for the new administration.” (2)

The Daily Caller is not wrong in their assessment of this issue, as De Blasio has already begun his push toward the aforementioned Universal pre-K system:

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has been actively touting his plan to expand after-school programs and to provide universal pre-kindergarten to the children living in New York City, as reported this week at Fox News Latino. To fund the expansion, de Blasio plans on taxing the wealthy. But what is the plan? Where is the curriculum and who designed it? What is it, exactly, that “the wealthy” are to be funding?” (3)

Progressive indoctrination can never start to early can it? De Blasio’s plan is to get to them young, to get to them early. And look at how he wants to fund this universal pre-K program; via wealth distribution, aka taxing the wealthy. He says that we must ask the wealthy to pay just a little more, even though the rich already pay the lion’s share of the tax burden; they already pay more than their “fair share” by a long shot. But not only does De Blasio plan to fund the pre-K system by taxing the wealthy, he also views this as a way to deal with what he calls the “crisis” of income “inequality”; the only problem with trying to fix income inequality, is that in doing so, you don’t make more people rich, on the contrary, you equalize everyone in poverty and lack of hope.  

What De Blasio doesn’t realize is that it will actually be his soon to be implemented policies of taxing and spending and manipulation of the market that cause the problems he claims to want to fix; consider what he said during his own inauguration speech:

“We will require big developers to build more affordable housing…” (4)

Considering the fact that De Blasio used to work for HUD (and what they are currently doing to Westchester County, which sits just above the City), it is no surprise that De Blasio is harping on the issue of affordable housing; but it’s not that affordable housing is bad, it’s how the Mayor plans on going about erecting it. Instead of encouraging developers to build affordable housing, what does De Blasio say? He says he will require “big developers” to build these housing units; I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, but you do not create jobs and bring about good economic changes by forcing people to spend their money on projects! If it were that simple, neither the state nor the city of New York would be in the mess it is currently in.

But of course De Blasio thinks the way he does, he readily admits that he doesn’t believe in the free market, gladly explains he believes that the heavy hand of government will bring about positive economic change (a theory that was proved wrong over 60 years ago):

“Everything you heard about me is true... I am not a free-marketeer... I believe in the heavy hand of government,” de Blasio stated matter-of-factly during an hour-long presentation to some of the city’s biggest real-estate developers.” (5)

Furthermore, in regards to his housing plan, De Blasio plans on making a suicidal move and investing 1 billion dollars of PENSION funds into the project:

“Bill de Blasio, the newly inaugurated mayor of New York City, is moving forward with his plan to allocate $1 billion of pension assets to affordable housing—a massive increase to the funds’ prior investments to this space.” (6)

While this part of the plan is ridiculous for obvious reasons, we must leave the topic of economics and go back to something else the new Mayor said in his inauguration speech:

“And we’ll expand community health centers into neighborhoods in need…” (4)

I have no doubt that what De Blasio is really getting at by referencing “community health centers” is his hope tp get more abortion providing centers established in the Big Apple; why do I say this? Well, I base it on what he himself said about expanding abortion “services” and closing down crisis pregnancy centers (who encourage you to save the life of your unborn baby), a category of health services that he calls a sham:

“New York City has been called “the abortion capital of the world…with 41 percent of its pregnancies ending in elective termination…But those statistics aren’t high enough for newly elected Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who claims the city is “underserved” by its dozens of abortion centers, and for whom increased access to abortion was a key part of his campaign platform. De Blasio, who was elected Tuesday with 73 percent of the vote, has promised to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to help them expand their business in the city. He says he plans to help abortionists find neighborhoods that lack convenient clinic access and provide them with “city sponsored” space to set up shop…

…Additionally, de Blasio has pledged to help abortionists wipe out their main competition – pro-life crisis pregnancy centers – that offer women financial and logistical help to either keep the babies they would otherwise be unable to afford, or place unwanted children with adoptive families. De Blasio calls crisis pregnancy centers “sham” clinics. In his view, their refusal to perform abortions means they do not offer “legitimate health care.” He has pledged to continue the city’s appeal of a court order striking down a law aimed at closing down such centers. In the event the court appeal fails, de Blasio says, he stands ready to “craft new regulations to prevent [crisis pregnancy] centers from masquerading as legitimate health care providers.” (7)

De Blasio’s plan is clear; encourage the extermination of as many kids as possible, and indoctrinate the rest of them in “progressive ideals” as young as pre kindergarten, a disturbing plan to say the least. You really have to ask what kind of a Mayor, and what kind of person Bill is, if he is actively going to pursue shutting down centers that seek to help women and their unborn children, instead of killing them.

A final major issue that De Blasio is aggressively pursuing is the removal of the iconic tourist attraction that is the horse drawn carriage industry of New York City:

“Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vowed to act quickly to abolish horse-drawn carriages in the city. “We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period,” de Blasio said in response to a question at his press conference announcing his schools chancellor pick Monday. “It’s over,” he said…Sworn into office by Bill Clinton yesterday, de Blasio aims to replace the horse-drawn carriages that have historically pulled visitors through Central Park with electric cars. Antique-style design electric cars are currently what are being considered. The mayor’s team says the plan to go retro in style and modern electric in horsepower will help save the carriage workers’ jobs that would otherwise end with the ban.” (8)(9)

I bet you if you asked the NYC horses if the felt their job was inhumane, their answer would be “neigh”; but all jokes aside, there is so much wrong with De Blasio wanting to do away with the horse and carriage industry. First and foremost, does he even realize how many people he will be putting out of work by doing this? And furthermore, he will be taking away a lot of tourist revenue by replacing the carriages with these electric cars; so many people come to New York City for the experience, and the horse-drawn carriage rides are part of said experience. Needless to say, there is no way that riding in a car will ever come close to that experience, and tourists, understanding this, will not pay for the car ride like they would the carriage ride.Even actor Liam Neeson has slammed De Blasio in regards to this plan! 

But there is something deeper to the Mayor’s quest to remove this well over 100 year old institution; I believe this is the perfect metaphor for De Blasio’s mission of changing and destroying what made the city what it is today, that is to say, the city’s history. But that is what progressivism always does. It seeks to change our history, where we came from, in order to change who we are and who we will be; and Bill De Blasio is, and will be, no different as mayor of New York City.

All of this simply goes to show that Bill De Blasio is the worm to New York City’s Big “Apple”; and over the next four years, he will make the apple his home, and destroy it from the inside out. Look, I love New York City; I think it is a great city, the greatest city in the world; which is why it pains me to realize just how bad it is going to get over the next four years of Bill De Blasio’s “leadership.” And although it is hard to believe, this article didn’t even cover the other insane and ridiculous things that are coming from the City’s new Mayor; Godspeed New York, you are going to need it.



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