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Experts: Obamacare Website should only cost $5-10 Million



The failure continues; the Daily Caller reports:

On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity had two tech experts on his Fox News show to discuss the continuing problems of the Obamacare website. At the end of the interview, Hannity asked the experts how much it would have cost them to build a site similar to that both operated properly from the beginning and was built secure to protect users’ sensitive information.

“I would say to build a site like this with the infrastructure, the architecture around it, you are looking at maybe $5 million to $10 million at a very maximum rate,” said David Kennedy, president of the technology firm TrustedSec. “It isn’t rocket science.”

The website should only cost between five and ten million dollars, and yet what is the actual cost? It is  one billion dollars and counting; once again it is clear that a government who cannot even adequately run a website, will not be able to adequately provide healthcare. A government who can’t even spend what they were supposed to spend on a website, will not be able to keep Obamacare within the price range they promised. I’m telling you Republican candidates, you must hammer this issue!   Mary Landrieu, a Democrat up for reelection, is saying she’d vote for this Obamacare disaster again! Hammer this hard! Obamacare is a losing issue, and the evidence is mounting for our side, I just hope we are smart enough to use it.


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