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Harry Reid gives Obamacare Exemption to some Staffers


According to CNN:

In September, Reid told reporters, “Let’s stop these really juvenile political games — the one dealing with health care for senators and House members and our staff. We are going to be part of exchanges, that’s what the law says and we’ll be part of that.”

That’s true. Reid and his personal staff will buy insurance through the exchange.

But it’s also true that the law lets lawmakers decide if their committee and leadership staffers hold on to their federal employee insurance plans, an option Reid has exercised.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson emphasized, “We are just following the law.”

“We are just following the law”; yes, because that makes what you are doing less despicable. We need to understand what is going on here; Harry Reid thinks Obamacare is such a good program that everyone should be enrolled in it…except for some of his staffers. You know that Conservative argument that goes “if Obamacare is so great, why don’t the politicians take part in it?” That criticism belongs right here, as the same applies to the staffers of a politician. Harry Reid is wronging  the American people by forcing them to suffer from Obamacare while giving exemptions to chosen staff members, and if any liberal or Democrat begs to differ with this assertion, they are just flat out wrong.


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