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Administration admits Obamacare Enrollment Numbers could be Fake



The Obama Administration messing something up; who could have seen that coming? The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Obama administration officials admitted Monday that roughly 126,000 Americans who successfully navigated the Obamacare website and enrolled in a new health insurance plan might not have officially signed up for their plans…The Obama administration suggests individuals who were told by the website that they had successfully signed up should contact their insurance to ensure their coverage actually exists. If it does not, individuals would have to start the process over again.

The incompetence of the Obama Administration’s handling of Obamacare continues with this; not only did they fail to come even remotely close to the registration goal in terms of the program , but now the minimal amount of people who DID sign up might not actually be registered? I can’t help but wonder what else can go wrong for Obama when it comes to his signature accomplishment; and with everything that goes wrong with Obamacare, the more chance things go right for Republicans in 2014 and beyond.


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    Typical Obama lies.

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