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GOP ties Dems at 39% in Generic Congressional Ballot


This according to a new Quinnipiac Poll, Thanks Obamacare!:

Voters are divided 39 – 39 percent on whether they would vote for a Democrat or a Republican in their Congressional district, down from a 43 – 34 percent Democratic advantage in an October 1 Quinnipiac University poll. Independent voters shift from 32 percent for Democrats and 30 percent for Republicans October 1 to 37 – 26 percent Republican today.

This is great news for the GOP as they erase a 9 point deficit in this generic ballot, that being said, we can only hope that the Republicans we will be voting for, actually have a Conservative spine and are willing to do what is best for America. I think it is safe to say we are tired of Republicans caving to Democrats, and hopefully this poll will show the Republicans that they are allowed to, and must be, a whole lot braver with their votes.

This poll should also once again show Debbie Wasserman Schultz that running on Obamacare is a terrible idea, but again, we can only hope her stubborn ego blinds her to the truth this upcoming election cycle.


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