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Ronald Reagan Quote of the Week


Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.



  1. Guess that means Iran is the place where freedom prospers most, huh?

    (Reagan was certainly no intellectual heavyweight, but he meant well.)

    • On the contrary, Reagan was indeed an intellectual heavyweight; you make the mistake of assuming Iran is under the conditions that Reagan was talking about, and they are not.

      Reagan was talking about a nation where religion was vibrant among the people due to belief, not coercion. Where the natural and moral laws of God are acknowledged. Iran does not fit those criteria.

      Iran is a theocracy, one that forces Islamic oppression on its people, true religion is not vibrant there. Nor are the actual laws of God acknowledged in that country.

      In fact, Reagan’s words mirror almost identically the words of our Founding Fathers, and I hardly think anyone could claim they were not “intellectual heavyweights.”

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