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Gallup Poll shows Major Unemployment Jump



But don’t worry, Obama is totally great at creating jobs (not):

Outside of the federal government’s Bureau of Labor statistics, the Gallup polling organization also tracks the nation’s unemployment rate. While the BLS and Gallup findings might not always perfectly align, the trends almost always do and the small statistical differences just haven’t been worthy of note. But now Gallup is showing a sizable 30 day jump in the unemployment rate, from 7.7% on July 21 to 8.9% today.

This is an 18-month high.

Along with the recent four-year history of sluggish and all the evidence disproving the supposed growth that the Obama administration touts, we now see that over the space of one month, we have had an unemployment jump of 1.2%. This is entirely unacceptable, and can be blamed on no one else but the administration. President Obama keeps bragging about all this progress and growth that his administration has achieved in the realm of jobs, but the facts and the situations of the American people beg to differ.


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