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MSNBC thinks Clown wearing Obama Mask Equals…a Lynching?


H/t CNS News:

MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams on Friday compared the rodeo clown mocking President Barack Obama at the state fair in Missouri to a “modern day lynching.”

“When you put a rodeo clown in a pile of crap and dirt in Missouri and you put a black face on him and say the word Obama 100 times, if you’re going to tell me it’s not racism, you go back and you live in Missouri, because in real America, that’s modern day lynching and racism and nothing less,” Williams said on MNBC’s “Martin Bashir.”

“This is purely 1,000 percent race-baiting,” Williams said.

Really Jimmy? Really? So a clown at a rodeo who is wearing an Obama mask and is “surrounded by dirt and crap” in Missouri, is in your mind the same thing as KILLING a black person by stringing them up by the neck, hanging them from a tree, and setting them ON FIRE? Wearing a stinking mask is equal to that? You are right Mr. Williams, this is pure, unadulterated 1,000% race-baiting…by you. There was nothing inherently racist about what he did; take a look at the picture above, I guess that person was being racist and offensive towards Ol’ Mr. Bush now wasn’t he? But obviously you don’t think so. You are the only one who sees race in this, and I highly doubt the people in the crowd, or the clown in question attributed this to racial hatred at all, even though they are in Missouri (as if all people in Missouri are racist). Jimmy Williams is a joke, MSNBC is a joke, and the clown with the Obama mask was also a joke; the only difference is, the clown is the only one that was even remotely funny.

And by the way, apparently Obama is a racist too:


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