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Melissa Harris-Perry’s Insane Claim About When Life Begins




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Just when you thought the Pro-Abortion Left could not get any more ridiculous, they go and say something like this:

“When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling – but not science,” Harris-Perry said on her show Sunday. “The problem is that many of our policymakers want to base sweeping laws on those feelings.”

Really? So life begins when the Parent feels like it? My questions for Melissa are many; when does this standard of “life begins at whenever the Parents feel it does” end? Is it an absolute standard, or does it have exceptions? Does this standard only apply to babies in the womb? Because if life begins when the parents have “a powerful feeling”, could that not be interpreted to mean that parents can decide a child is not a life after they have been born? What if a parent decided that their child wasn’t a life 22 years into it? (comedian Christopher Titus calls this decision a “22 year late term abortion window“)

Now many will call my questions to Harris-Perry “absurd”, and to be honest, yeah they are; but thats exactly why I posed them. The absurdity of my questions are meant to illustrate the absurdity of her claim; to put forth that the feelings of parents and not science, decides when life begins, is one of the most illogical and unreasonable things I have ever heard a human being say. We humans have strong feelings about a lot of things, but our feelings do not make those things true or false. In order to justify the sickening decimation of babies in the womb, Harris-Perry turns to feelings instead of facts, and continues to show us just how low the Pro-Choice movement in America is wiling to go.


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