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MSNBC Ratings Continue to Dive, Despite Zimmerman Coverage



Already dealing with a ratings drop, MSNBC decided to try and boost them by going all out with their coverage on the George Zimmerman trial…not that it helped them all that much

MSNBC’s ratings woes came into sharp relief on Monday with the release of the preliminary numbers for the Zimmerman verdict. In the 10-11 p.m. hour on Saturday night, when the verdict in, Fox News had 3,682,000 total viewers; CNN had 3,407,000 total viewers…In the same hour, MSNBC had 1,298,000 total viewers — about one-third of Fox’s total …Despite branding itself as “the place for politics,” MSNBC went wall-to-wall on the Zimmerman trial after watching its ratings tank in recent months. It doesn’t seemed to have helped.

There is a simple explanation as to why MSNBC’s Zimmerman coverage failed to boost the ratings; its because Americans by and large want to hear about the trial, not about how supposedly racist everything is! But MSNBC (along with others) chose to take the path most traveled and make the case a racial propaganda issue instead of a criminal justice issue. I mean, just look at what MSNBC analysts and favored politicians said about the verdict alone; that it  “literally invoked the same justification for the killing of Trayvon Martin that you would during lynching”, that “Stand your Ground” laws are humiliating to Blacks (as if Blacks can’t get their own guns to stand their ground with).

That Trayvon Martin was denied a jury of his peers (huh?) because no black or male participants were on the jury; or as MSNBC contributor Anthea Butler wrote as a result of the verdict, that God is “a white racist god with a problem. More importantly, he is carrying a gun and stalking young black men.” Rep. John Lewis (an MSNBC favorite) said: “the verdict…seems to justify the stalking and killing of innocent black boys and deny them any avenue of self-defense” (Never mind that Trayvon was on top of George, beating his skull into the ground);  and this is just a taste of the bountiful race-baiting that MSNBC has been airing ever since before the trial started, and it has been part of their downfall.

Now MSNBC hosts like Al Sharpton are trying to get the Federal government to charge Zimmerman with Civil Rights crimes, insinuating that George is a racist, and was racially motivated; but sadly (for them), even the FBI can’t prove that Zimmerman is a racist. Its funny though, as annoying and despicable as I find MSNBC calling everything racist (even when it clearly isn’t), I can’t say I want them to stop; because the more they do it, the faster their ratings will drop into irrelevancy, and that my friends is something that can’t happen soon enough.


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