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U.K. Boy Allegedly Denied Water on Very Hot Day; Ramadan cited


Assuming this is true, this is absolutely horrible; The Blaze reports:

A mother in England says her 10-year-old son wasn’t allowed to drink water in class because his teacher didn’t think it would be fair to students fasting for Ramadan…Kora Blagden told the Belfast Telegraph her son Luke, a student at Charles Dickens Primary School in Hampshire, came home Thursday and said he wasn’t able to drink water during what was one of the hottest days of the year…

“He said his class teacher refused it because one of the kids was fasting, I think quite a few were fasting, but one in particular had a headache. They said it would be unfair if the other pupils were to drink in front of that child, Luke agreed and he took it that he couldn’t drink water all day.”

Once again, assuming this is true, this is more than just a terrible story, it borders on child abuse. If the teacher did in fact infer that the child was not allowed to drink all day (while he was in school) because it wouldn’t be “fair’ to some others who were following their religious beliefs, then they should be suspended if not fired for her actions. However, even if they only meant he couldn’t drink while in the presence of the Muslim student, they should still be in a lot of trouble; its not Luke Blagden’s fault that the other kid was observing a religious holiday! If it is one of the hottest days of the year and a 10 year old kid asks for a drink of water, you give it to him no matter what religious holiday the other students are observing. Luke did end up receiving an apology, but the issue should not end there.

This is a simple example of what appeasement gets you, and as many know, the U.K. has been trying to appease Islamists for many years now, catering to their beliefs at the expense of others.  You can be a Muslim if you want, that is your choice; but when you are willing to deny a child a drink of water because a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Christian is observing a religious fast, your appeasement has gone too far.

Hopefully more information will come out about this situation as time goes on; if you are interested in keeping up with this story, please visit our friends over at


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